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Girly Phones?

I saw this article on Stuff this morning and thought it was interesting – there certainly are some products which are considered girly and some which are considered blokey (for example a banged up holden ute versus one of those dusty pink smart cars I see all over the place).

At the end of the article there’s a list of phones with pictures and the author asks us to think about which we would consider more appropriate for one gender or the other. I found all of them pretty easy to categorise (except, interestingly, for the iPhone which I find to be extremely gender-neutral – an advertising coup for Steve Jobs?), but I’m not sure what it was that tipped it either way for each phone.

The comments are interesting too, take a look.

If you’re curious, my answers are: 1) feminine, 2) neutral, 3) feminine, 4) feminine, 5) masculine, 6) masculine, 7) masculine, 8) masculine, 9) feminine, 10) feminine.

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