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Virtual Misogyny

To add to the list of masculinist standardization: 

Women with long fingernails are complaining that iPhones are sexist, according to the Los Angeles Times. The iPhone’s virtual keyboard responds to the electrical charge emitted by fingertips, not fingernails. “Considering ergonomics and user studies indicating men and women use their fingers and nails differently, why does Apple persist in this misogyny?” says Erica Watson-Currie, 39, a consultant and lecturer. (Source NZ Herald).


For anyone that may be interested – in some political discussion.  I’m a Committee/Board Member for ALba – I have been organising with my Committee, various events for 2008.

We have just organised for MP Lousisa Wall – to come and speak to the group (in August), she will sharing about her journey to becoming MP, etc…

 I’ve been interested in some politcial debates.  I love political discussions!!!  My Committee are organising (October) for various members of the different Parties, to come and have a discussion.  Sue Bradford, has just confirmed her attendence, as well as two from the Maori Party.  We are yet to finalise details, and this will be up-dated on our website.

 Alba is an Auckland (women’s only group).  I’m a heterosexual women…..but this group, are predominately lesbian women.  However, not inclusive of this – as I’m on the Committee.  Gay-friendly attitude is vital.  ALba support a strong networking of business enterprise and encouraging women in various professions, to reach their full-potential.  I’m involved with ALba, as I believe in its vision and find that hearing the various women political speakers (and other successful women speakers), are encouraging – from a feminist point of view.  We can learn key points, from hearing about (ie) their journey into Parliament and experiences.  Or the sacrifices made along the way, in achievement of their goals.  I look forward to hearing Sue Bradford speak.

 Cost is $5 for members or $10 for non-members.  This just covers our costs with payment to speakers, advertising, venue expenses and catering, etc…. 


Cherie (student)