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Feminist blogging

I’m delighted to see Megan’s post. I’m going to comment on her post. But does anyone have any suggestions for our subheading/themes in addition to “Hot Topics” “Eco-Friendly Handy Hints”; “Happenings and Events”? “Feminist-Blogs and other Links”.

What will our columns be called?

Are there images you have we could upload – Tania what about the ones I sent you?

I’m going to ask Morgan to give us each our own passwords.

Did you see this morning’s Herald editorial. “ “Broad the right man to lead the way”. Apparently and I quote:

We are in danger of succumbing to moral panic on any sexual subject these days. Society is much more sensitive to sexually exploitive images of women, though not of men, than it was 20 or 30 years ago and overt displays of sexuality have become less acceptable. The change is all to the good and owes much to the advancement of women in politics and other professions. The police have lagged behind the trend somewhat and the masculine requirements of the job might mean that they continue to do so.

Overt displays of female sexuality less acceptable? Since when? Hello, hello …parades of topless women on bikes through Auckland’s main street? And being a guy who likes pornography is a requirement for police work?

Your thoughts?

— JT

What to blog about

Hi everyone,

I am going to Noumea for a Pacific Women’s conference in 2 wks time. I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to talk about some feminist issues that come out of the discussions.  It would be good to use the context of the current budget (NZ aid to Pacific has just increased by quite a bit)to make it ‘newsworthy’. I’m also going to Solomons in June, so should come back with some more material.  There are lots of feminist issues of global relevance that are bing played out in Melanesia (well, of course) so it should be interesting.Â

On the subject of columns - hot topics seems to cover a lot. If we wanted to, we could even split this into more specific columns. One suggestion would be themes, like current isssues around work and economics, enviroment etc. But this might get hard to keep up and the separation sometimes ends up being false.Â

Some green handy hints would be great, I’ll try to come up with some if you like.Â