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2011 Prochoice Gathering

From the facebook event page:

Action for Abortion Rights Wellington warmly invites all those interested in fighting for reproductive rights to a national gathering of pro-choice organisers and activists to change. It will take place in Wellington, weekend of March 12-13, 9 a.m – 5 p.m. This is an opportunity for individuals and groups to share resources and ideas and to plan for future.

This gathering is for those who want to be part of planning and organising a campaign to change New Zealand abortion laws and improve women in New Zealand’s access to abortion and reproductive health in other ways.

The weekend will involve a series of facilitated workshops/discussions and some guest speakers. We are still setting the programme and you’re welcome to contribute. We recognise that pro-choice groups and individuals differ in priorities and strategy. Our hope is that a rich variety of perspectives will be presented and respected at this event.

The event is open to pro-choice people of all ages and political standpoints. We regret the need to ask all registrants to respect that this is a pro-choice event and is only open to those who believe that pregnant individuals are the right people to make decisions about their pregnancies.

About us: Action for Abortion Rights is a group at Victoria University of Wellington. We think that the outcome of a pregnancy should be determined by the person who carries it. Our goals include legalised abortion, vastly improved abortion access including access to/ awareness of medical abortion, and the destigmatisation of abortion.

Hoping to see you there. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

La Socialista

Miss Representation

This is the trailer for a movie which is part of the Sundance 2011 selection, Miss Representation:


This is a really important film and it looks like it’s going to be brilliant (though I fear some people may be put off by Margaret Cho – she’s not everyone’s cup of tea).

This is an issue which needs as much exposure as possible, unless we want an entire generation of young women growing up thinking that their only worth is in their appearance. Watch the trailer, see the movie (unsure as to dates on this) and tell everyone you know about it

La Socialista