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Should ALAC's 'Lisa' ad be taken off air?

Click here to watch the Lisa Ad

For those who haven’t seen the ad, or are unable to follow the link above (sorry, could not embed it):

It shows a young woman who has a few drinks with her workmates to relax, a few turns into a lot – we then see her dancing uncoordinatedly in a bar, finally stumbling outside into a dark alley where she is grabbed and led away by a man who has been watching her earlier. We see her struggle and protest, and the ad fades to black….’It’s not the drinking, it’s how we’re drinking.’

There have been several concerns about this ad, mainly that it perpetuates rape myths, and that it implies the victim bears some responsibility for the rape.

What are people’s thoughts? Is the ad effective in that it will encourage women to drink moderately in future, and so should remain on air? Or should it be taken off, due to it’s problematic implications?